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Nordic Digital Ventures AB

A joint venture of two technology and innovation focused companies: Linné Innovation AB and Minnovax AB.

About Us

Nordic Digital Ventures AB is involved in early-stage tech startups.

As a tech-focused company we are bringing fresh and vibrant solutions for today’s society in order to make the world a more connected place.
Our mission
Providing innovative development solutions for SMEs in products, services or organization. 
Our vision
Acceleration company specializing in product design, growth planning, and market traction.

Interested in joining our exciting journey as an investor, business partner, or team member?

Our Businesses

Our teams are working on two digital products: one focused on students and campuses and the other on travel and entertainment.


A revolutionary digital platform connecting students on a campus with each other and with student associations, university and its departments, and commercial outfits.

With inCampus, students can:
  • Connect with other students and discuss ideas, issues, and solutions
  • Integrate better by being informed about news and events around them
  • Buy, sell, and share stuff and find out cheap on- and off-campus deals

For details, visit: www.incampus.se


Resetainment is a mobile platform to enhance real-life interaction and make public travel a fun thing! It is a fusion of entertainment and productivity on-the-go for travellers on a bus or a train.

With Resetainment, travellers can:
  • Start conversations on board with other travellers: socialize & interact
  • Explore interactive content including films, shows, songs, games, on-board menu, safety info
  • Enjoy post-travel deals, promos, events, and carpooling opportunities

For details, visit: www.resetainment.com

Meet The Team

We are a fun bunch of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, and tech-enthusiasts!

Alireza Hajilou
Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned corporate executive experienced in development, growth and leadership of organizational and industrial groups for more than 10 years.

  • Experienced in organizational and project leadership
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hands-on P&L management
  • Areas of interest: innovation, restructuring, team-building
  • Masters in Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design from Linnaeus University (in process)

Johan Mattisson
Chief Technology Officer

Senior developer with 10+ years experience building software in areas such as business intelligence, media analytics, recruitment.

  • Programming enthusiast
  • Experience of working with start-ups such as Facit and Jobylon, and larger international corporations including SAS Institute and Meltwater, and even for the public sector, at Linnaeus University and at the Swedish Public Health Agency.
  • Areas of interest: digital solutions, computer languages
  • Studied computer science at Linnaeus University

Naimul Abd
Chairman of the Board

Senior strategist and marketer with 15+ years experience in building high-performance teams.

  • Consulted more than 20 multinational companies on strategic marketing, consumer insights, and value proposition
  • Specialist in brand architecture, marketing, corporate communications, and PR
  • Areas of interest: innovation, digital product design, entrepreneurship communities
  • Masters in Business Administration from Pakistan and Masters in Marketing from Sweden

Nordic Digital Ventures AB is a gateway to innovation!

If you have the passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people, now is the time to connect with us.


About Us

Nordic Digital Ventures AB is involved in early-stage tech startups. We have created our own ventures and are interested to get involved in innovative startups in field of digital platforms and mobile applications.

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